Dwight Pargee The Feldenkrais® Method Learning Through Movement

Dwight Pargee

As a lifelong athlete, martial artist and coach with degrees in Exercise Physiology, Sport Science and Biomechanics, Dwight Pargee finds great pleasure in working with high-performance athletes and those in the arts.

His daily practice in Bend, Oregon includes the continuum of working with clients managing complex chronic pain issues to refining high-level performance, from injury recovery to redefining limits and opening possibilities for the neurologically impaired.

Dwight is trained and Guild-certified in the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education, is an Assistant Trainer in Professional Feldenkrais Training programs, Change Your Age, Aikido and Bones For Life.

In 21 years of practice, Dwight’s gentle nature, insightful perceptions, wealth of experience and gifted touch have brought comfort and ease to many lives.

He works with a wide variety of clients ranging from competitive athletes, musicians, and actors to people with chronic pain issues, injuries or those simply wanting to move and act more efficiently and gracefully. Dwight has a special interest in dynamic balance and stability, applied biomechanics and neuromuscular learning.