Larry Goldfarb The Feldenkrais® Method Learning Through Movement

Larry Goldfarb

Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D. is a movement scientist, certified Feldenkrais® trainer, pioneering practitioner, and multimedia author known for articulating the thinking behind the method. Besides directing and teaching in professional training programs in Europe, Australia, and North America, Dr. Goldfarb teaches public workshops, professional seminars, and post-graduate courses the world over. He is also the founder of Mind in Motion (MIM) and Mind in Motion online.

Having written extensively about the Feldenkrais Method® of learning, Larry is committed to developing explicit frameworks for understanding the method and for making the method relevant in everyday life.

Besides training new teachers, his current focus is on conducting post-graduate training programs for Feldenkrais teachers and developing this website. He maintains the private practice he started over twenty-five years ago in Santa Cruz, CA.